Formerly the EEAA

Thematic Analysis

In compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG 3.4), the ECTE has begun (since 2020) to systematically use outputs from accreditation and quality assurance activities for analysis to infer developmental and enhancement needs in the sector. Please consult the Thematic Analysis – Strategic Plan 2020-2025.

Completed projects:

  • Development of Teaching Staff – Thematic Analysis.  This project provides insights into trends in the sector of theological education concerning standard 1.5 of the ESG, and indicates areas of improvement in ECTE processes to promote the professional development of teaching staff and encouraging scholarly activity.
    • Researcher: Marvin Oxenham
    • The following action points were approved by the November 2020 ECTE Council
      1. Publication of positive results in the ECTE news feed;
      2. Insertion of an addendum to the Annual Progress Reports in 2021 requesting faculty development plans;
      3. Communication to VET members of implementation discrepancies with request of special attention to this standard;
      4. Communication to ECTE institutions encouraging participation in courses through the ICETE Academy.
    • Development of Teaching Staff – TA follow up report (August 2021)
  • Peer Expert Perspectives – Thematic Analysis. This brief project analyses the current state and shows areas of development and improvement of QA processes related to the breadth of perspectives of ECTE’s peer experts.
    • Researcher: Marvin Oxenham
    • The following action points were approved by the November 2020 ECTE Council
      1. The data from this thematic analysis was presented to the ECTE Council in November 2020 for analysis.
      2. The ECTE Council proposed the names of further peer experts representing additional perspectives to to the Review Secretary who will contact these individuals and invite them to become ECTE peer experts. A report will follow at the Spring 2021 ECTE Council meeting.

Thematic analysis is conducted by ECTE staff or by outsourcing  (e.g. involving research students).  The Thematic Analysis Project Application Form is be used for those that have been invited to undertake thematic analysis on behalf of the ECTE.  All projects will need be approved by the ECTE Council and remuneration will be considered.