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Review Secretary Report

To be completed by the Review Secretary as documentation for the Annual Internal Review, Improvement and Monitoring session.

Annual Report - Review Secretary
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Has Visitation Feedback been collected from institutions and VETs following all visits? (2.2e)
Have our site visits been evaluated positively in the Visitation Feedback forms? (2.2f)
In particular, focus on the General Evaluation section of the feedback, providing statistical data for each category related to satisfaction levels.
Have the Review Reports been produced to the standards set in Guidelines in Site Visits and VETs? (2.3b)
Have we recruited VETs in consideration of the breadth of expertise and perspectives? (2.4a)
In particular, indicate perspectives which may be missing or underrepresented.
Have we trained our VETs as outlined in the VET Development Policy? Is there a need to train them in specific issues? (2.4b)
Has the Visitation Feedback been discussed with VETs following visitations with recommendations made by the RS for good practice and areas of improvement? (2.4b)
This response should arise from analysis of the Visitation Feedback but also from new issues that may arise from SERs.
Have we recruited, trained and deployed student VETs in each site visit? (2.4d)
Has the Review Secretary role functioned as planned? (2.4e)
Have we briefed the VETs for improvement following the Visitation Feedback on each visit? (RS) (2.4f)
Have institutions signed off all Review Reports? (2.6c)
Please suggest plans for improvement in any of the areas above where you have indicated lower compliance.
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