Financial policies and fees

Fee schedule

The ECTE fee schedule, generally speaking, breaks down into three categories:

  1. Yearly membership fees
  2. Yearly accreditation fees
  3. Visitation fees for institutions in the accreditation process
  4. Visitation fees for institutions not in the accreditation process

All fees will be invoiced to the address provided by the institution with instructions on payment. Accreditation fees are calculated through a combination of a flat fee and a per-student fee. Institutions in the accreditation process must use the Annual Progress Report to report their student numbers.

Fee Policies

  • Outstanding fees.No visits will be authorised for institutions which are one year or more behind with their payments of fees.  Institutions which have a strong case for reduction of fees due to un-usual financial constraints should appeal to council for this with supporting documentation and these will be considered on a case by case basis. (ECTE Council minutes, April 2008).  Institutions or organizations which are two years or more behind with their payments of fees will receive a formal notice, after which their membership and accreditation will be suspended.  If, after being suspended for two years, institutions have still not settled their arrear payments, their membership and accreditation will be revoked, and they will need to apply again. (ECTE Council minutes, October 2008)
  • Institutional and programme accreditation fees. With the introduction in 2019 of the distinction between institutional and programme accreditation and the abolition of the Candidacy phase, the following fee structure is approved:1) Yearly fee for Institutional accreditation; 2) Yearly fee for each Programme accreditation.   Institutions already accredited under the previous accreditation structure will continue to pay according to the previous fee structure until their first Cyclical Review.
  • Visitation team travel expenses.Travel expenses of the visitation team members will be settled directly between the institution and each visitation team member. In addition, a flat €100 fee for expenses for each VET member is be collected by each VET member from the institution.  (ECTE Council minutes, October 2008)

Membership Fees

  • Yearly membership fee for schools:  350 €
  • Associate membership fee (for evangelical organizations such as associations of evangelical theological schools, churches and missions and individuals): 350 €

Yearly Fees for Accredited schools

  • Yearly School fee for Candidate and Accredited members:  800 €
  • Yearly Student fee for Candidate and Accredited members: 10 € per student
  • Yearly School fee for each added programme:  150€

The following fees are pending approval of the ECTE Council, November 28, 2019 and will replace the figures above as new the 2019 Criteria and Procedures are implemented.

  • Yearly School fee for Institutional Accreditation:  800 €
  • Yearly School fee for each Programme Accreditation:  150€
  • Yearly Student fee for students in accredited programmes: 10 € per student.  If an institution has a substantial number of part-time students they may calculate the full-time-equivalent (FTE) for them by adding all ECTS-credits earned by part-time students and dividing this total amount by 60 (=1 year of full-time studies), then submitting the figure of FTE along with the general head count. Depending on how institutions keep track of student credits it may take a lot of time and effort to calculate the FTE for part-time students and institutions can also choose to simply submit the head count for both full-time and part-time students.

Visitation fees

  • Orientation visit (requested by a school): Fee of €200, plus travel costs and €100 personal expenses for each team member.
  • Courtesy visit (suggested by ECTE): no Fee charged (team members should claim travel costs and €100 personal travel expenses for the ECTE).
  • Candidacy visit, Institutional Accreditation visit, Programme Accreditation visit, Cyclical Review visit: fee of €500, plus travel costs and €100 personal expenses for each team member.
  • Workshops and Training visits (requested by the school):   Fee of 200€ a day, plus travel costs and €100 personal expenses for each team member.